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Uganda – Second First Impressions

This time, I largely knew what I was letting myself in for: sun, warm water, and world class rapids.

Spending the first week on the island paradise of the Hairy Lemon, it really was just the case of eat, sleep, kayak. The river has been high most days meaning lots of time paddling on Nile Special, but we also were lucky enough to get to surf Malalu. It was awesome to paddle somewhere new and especially as it is usually rare to come in.

In addition, we have done two river runs in this first week, with some of the guys running Itanda as well.

We fully immersed ourselves in island life spending the time out of boats playing volleyball, Frisbee golf, Danish chess and cards.

For me, it is a very different experience to last time as there is not the impending wave World Championships. The island was definitely a lot quieter than last year, and also the eddy! However, one thing that is definitely the same is that I am still keen to push my boating. With this is mind, after reminding myself of blunting on special, I have now begun working more on back blunts and pan ams.

We have now moved into Nile River Explorer’s in Bujagali in order to access more river runs and also to paddle super hole. Even living off the island, life is still very chilled with only kayaking, taxis and food to consider.


Younguns – Nene

May is the month of the Nene: not being there in 12 months, and then twice in the same month. This time though, it was for Younguns and the third event of the year.

Younguns predecessor, Youth Freestyle Series, was a significant part of what had sparked my interest in freestyle, introduced me to the friendly community and gave me the opportunity to learn of many more experienced kayakers. Therefore, when at briefing I noticed the particular fall in participants from previous years – it was quite discouraging that something that had been so important in my development in the sport, was not being shared by others.

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The Bitches – Day 2

For a second morning running, we were greeted by the incredibly beautiful view off the coast of Wales. The swell wasn’t as big as yesterday so over breakfast, we finalised a plan.

After a quick stop off to check for any surf, we decided to head up the coast to Aberiddy to an area called Blue Lagoon. With the tide out, and no surf, the next best thing was a cliff jumping session! Continue reading The Bitches – Day 2

The Bitches – Day 1

When was the last time you did something for the first time? (Please note, the title may be misleading to non paddlers!)

Despite being in the midst of exams – a Burners trip to Pembrokeshire to surf the tidal feature was an opportunity too god to be missed! Almost immediately after my exam, we were in the car and heading across Wales to the peninsula of St Davids (the UK’s smallest city). When we arrived the wind howled, thick fog limited all vision and the light fading, so we quickly pitched the tent (which was more like a parachute at times) before retreating to Jacko’s caravan. Continue reading The Bitches – Day 1

Midlands Canoe Show

May is the month for the Nene. With each year, we only ever seem to visit the Nene WWC in May – for Younguns and this weekend, for the CKT Midlands Canoe Show.

The event, hosted by the Leam Boat Centre, is an annual event aimed at whitewater, freestyle and recreational paddling. After attending the event myself for my first ever Freestyle session back in 2012, when asked if I would help with some coaching, I agreed straight away!

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