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My first taste of kayaking was at 9 years old, on a cold, windy day at Bosworth Water Park as a young boy scout. It wasn’t until 18 that I really took up the sport properly, making up for lost time. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to paddle throughout the UK and Ireland, Iceland, Nepal and the Middle East.

I’ve dabbled with nearly every paddlesport discipline at one time or another, but white water will always be my first love. I enjoy freestyle, but it’s the downriver moves that excite me the most. Nothing makes me happier than playing my way down a fun rapid, hunting out all the surf waves, in good company.

After university, I made the decision to combine work and play, starting a career in the outdoor industry. Having worked as a raft guide, safety kayaker and paddlesport coach, I’ve enjoyed helping others to get the most out of their time on the water.

I’m a self-confessed gear freak and will happily talk kit for hours… Thankfully, becoming a team paddler has given me a constructive outlet for my obsession! I hope that the reviews that I write will help steer you towards the right choice when shopping with Canoe Kayak Trader at Leam Boat Centre.


Palm FXr: First Impressions

A quick look at Palm Equipment’s newest Buoyancy Aid…Courtesy of CKT Team Paddler Ian Bailey…

I like to keep my kit simple. Simple lasts. Simple is uncluttered, easy to use, with no extra “features” that add little to the product. The new Palm FXr is simple and so far, I love it. Palm have packed a lot of useful features in to a low-profile, minimalist design.


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