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Thermatec and Palm Thermal Review

Before I left for Italy earlier this month, I realised I didn’t really have many decent thermals. Hot sun, 20+ degrees, but can sometimes get cold when the sun goes in, or when you’re deep In a gorge with steep walls and/or trees blocking out the sun, and then Ice melt water, splashing in your face or when you inevitably go over. So I wanted something which would keep me warm when needed, but didn’t want to be Sweating inside my drysuit all day.

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Packing for India…

After spending the summer recovering from an ankle injury, it’s finally time to get back out on the water at last! I’m flying out to India next week to take part in 2 rafting assessments and a multi-day trip on the Upper Indus. The next step of the plan is  to fly on to Australia to work as a raft guide for the winter, before heading up to the Ottawa river next summer. Fingers crossed!

Now just the small problem of what to pack for potentially a year or more of overseas paddling…


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Palm Zenith Shorty Cag

I’m a simple soul.  A while back, one of my friends once asked me, “what is your main kayaking goal?” What a question… To run Grade 4 all day long, effortlessly perhaps? To get a first descent in a far off country or invent a new freestyle move maybe? I thought for a while before answering him.

“To paddle somewhere where it’s warm enough to wear a shorty cag. Just once and I’ll be happy…”

As much as I love chasing the rain in the winter, I have always envied those that get to paddle in endless sunshine,  whilst topping up their tans. After a summer season of working in Iceland, I realised that something had to be done about this and booked my flight to Nepal. Continue reading Palm Zenith Shorty Cag

Palm FXr: First Impressions

A quick look at Palm Equipment’s newest Buoyancy Aid…Courtesy of CKT Team Paddler Ian Bailey…

I like to keep my kit simple. Simple lasts. Simple is uncluttered, easy to use, with no extra “features” that add little to the product. The new Palm FXr is simple and so far, I love it. Palm have packed a lot of useful features in to a low-profile, minimalist design.


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