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GB Selections 2017

Event 1 – Cardiff

Despite having paddled the course a couple of times in the last few weeks, on the 10 cumecs session Friday night, I was still struggling with the feature as well as being thrown off by a number of other factors.

This meant on Saturday I was still unsure on my ride and although I had one in mind, I knew it was going to be a tough event. However, during the day I decided to take another opportunity to jump in my Zen and do some big boating – which was actually pretty fun, although really quite tiring (they take a lot more energy to move than a playboat!).

As usual with events at Cardiff, the competition didn’t start until well into the evening and I was also in the penultimate heat, so was gone 7:30pm by the time I was up. Having struggled with the feature, I didn’t manage to moves or rides down that I wanted and additionally hurt my back a little bit on my second ride. In the end I finished joint 5th, which is a little disappointing, but I guess that is sport, and sometimes things don’t go in your favour.

It is the a week’s wait until the second event in Nottingham on the infamous inlet gate at HPP. Hopefully get some training in during the week and just enjoy the competition.

Event 2 – HPP
The second event in GB Selections was at Nottingham. Having had a rough time at Cardiff, for me this was more about showing myself I could put in some good rides and reinstalling some confidence.
After lots of waiting (I was the last paddler), it was finally time to go and I felt pretty chilled out. I managed to put down some good rides, even scoring a McNasty which was pretty exciting, and links on a couple of moves. However, with a few moves being slightly off the mark they didn’t quite score.

In the end, in a pretty high calibre field, I finished 4th, behind Islay, Nicky and Lowri. Now it is a case on waiting to see on the overall results, but with the year ahead it looks like I may be out of World Championships and taking the reserve spot for Team GB for 2017.
Anyway it was an awesome event and fun to be on the water, feeling a lot more relaxed than last week and my back being significantly better.


Thanks to Tom Clare for photos!








Midlands Canoe Show

For me this was the event where it all started… 5 years ago, in my then pride and joy of a G Force, I had my first ever experience in a play boat on moving water! Since then I have been hooked…

2012, I was the one being coached (then by Emily Jackson). 2017, I was the one coaching (this being the third time at the show).

Having helped and coached at the Midland Canoe Show the last number of years, it is always a privilegeĀ to go back and hopefully have the same influence people back then had on me, on new people. Starting out, I remember just how friendly the whole freestyle community was, and that hasn’t changed a bit. Whether it be looking for that next boat, a shiny new piece of gear, or increasing your skill set,the Midlands Canoe Show covers it all.

Throughout the day at the Nene, I ran both flat water and moving water workshops, as well as taking part in the Boater X (I came 2nd in my heat so missed finals) and just generally being around to offer advice on kit and tips for on the water.

The sun was shining and with plenty of people it was great to see everyone on the water, demoing boats and pushing their own personal paddling. Overall it was an awesome day, and great to see an event with people and paddling at the forefront.

Emma šŸ™‚






Younguns – Nene

May is the month of the Nene: not being there in 12 months, and then twice in the same month. This time though, it was for Younguns and the third event of the year.

Younguns predecessor, Youth Freestyle Series, was a significant part of what had sparked my interest in freestyle, introduced me to the friendly community and gave me the opportunity to learn of many more experienced kayakers. Therefore, when atĀ briefingĀ I noticedĀ the particular fall in participants from previous years – it was quite discouraging that something that had been so important in my development in the sport, was not being shared by others.

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Midlands Canoe Show

May is the month for the Nene. With each year, we only ever seem to visit the Nene WWC in May – for Younguns and this weekend, for the CKT Midlands Canoe Show.

The event, hosted by the Leam Boat Centre, is an annual event aimed at whitewater, freestyle and recreational paddling. After attending the event myself for my first ever Freestyle session back in 2012, when asked if I would help with some coaching, I agreed straight away!

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Younguns Nottingham


After returning from Europeans, life has been busy with starting Sixth Form so have struggled to get on the water. But at last, I was back in Nottingham.

With the aim of a floodlit final, registration for the event didn’t begin till 3pm, but we headed up earlier to paddle the course. We arrived just after lunch and I was straight on the course! Continue reading Younguns Nottingham

European Championships – Part 3

So the competition began bright and early this morning at 8 am with the first of the senior men’s prelims. Alan and Rob were in the first heat, and then Gav, Pringle and Weighty all in later heats; all 5 made it through to quarters (top 20)!
During a break, some of us went to cool down at the bottom of the course, jumping off the pontoon into the lake. It was superĀ refreshingĀ and topped of perfectly with lunch and an iceĀ cream. Continue reading European Championships – Part 3