Midlands Canoe Show

For me this was the event where it all started… 5 years ago, in my then pride and joy of a G Force, I had my first ever experience in a play boat on moving water! Since then I have been hooked…

2012, I was the one being coached (then by Emily Jackson). 2017, I was the one coaching (this being the third time at the show).

Having helped and coached at the Midland Canoe Show the last number of years, it is always a privilege to go back and hopefully have the same influence people back then had on me, on new people. Starting out, I remember just how friendly the whole freestyle community was, and that hasn’t changed a bit. Whether it be looking for that next boat, a shiny new piece of gear, or increasing your skill set,the Midlands Canoe Show covers it all.

Throughout the day at the Nene, I ran both flat water and moving water workshops, as well as taking part in the Boater X (I came 2nd in my heat so missed finals) and just generally being around to offer advice on kit and tips for on the water.

The sun was shining and with plenty of people it was great to see everyone on the water, demoing boats and pushing their own personal paddling. Overall it was an awesome day, and great to see an event with people and paddling at the forefront.

Emma 🙂






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